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Achmad Surya Afandy Profile


Introducing my name is Achmad Surya Afandy, Before starting my career in the Cryptocurrency world, I previously worked in one of the companies engaged in the Indonesian IT sector.

Even though I had previously studied Religion in Abdurrahman Saleh Situbondo University and lastly at Al-Azhar University, I was more interested in IT matters.

Until finally in 2010 I began to be interested in digital currencies like Bitcoin and other digital assets.

From that moment on I tried to trade digital currencies on several well-known Exchange in the world, and sometimes I like contributors in some successful ICOs.

This is what led me to the desire to get to know the world of Blockchain and digital assets, so I have been offered many times as an ICO Advisor, ICO Consultant, Expert in one of the successful digital Asset startups, Marketing Manager at one ICO service company, advertising.

I am currently serving as Advisor at Exchange, ICO Advisor at the Era Swap Token (EST), ICO Advisor at the Coin Governance System (CGS), Expert at Experty.IO, ICO Consultant at The Himalayan ROI, Marketing Manager at BestRate, Marketing Manager at pclab.IO, Marketing Manager at

But sometimes I like to spend time writing content related to ICO projects and Blockchain.

For that I invite you to participate in using Experty products.

What is Experty? is the first Ethereum voice and video application that allows users to monetize their time, knowledge and expertise on a global scale. Ethereum Blockchain allows automatic payments from clients to contractors based on predetermined rates and duration of conversation. Experts on any subject can share links to their Experty profiles on whatever platform they want, including but not limited to, social media, websites and e-mail. There is no central market.

Why use Experty?

Instant Access
There are a lack of incentives to share phone numbers with strangers and answer their calls. Experty aims to solve this problem. Through Experty any influencer, professional, or expert can grant instant access to their knowledge from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world.

Instant Answers
Calls can be made over Experty with very little setup. This means that answers from qualified experts can be obtained at short notice. Per minute rates are set by publicly rated experts, and refunds can be given via the smart contract if they fail to provide adequate service.

Instant Payments
Experty allows experts to be paid instantly for time they spend on a call, without going through third party intermediaries. Callers don’t have to pay upfront, as payment is handled during the call through our smart contract system.

A Decentralized Idea!
Instead of using a central marketplace, we are implementing a completely decentralized solution. Users are free to share their Experty contact information wherever and however they want, such as discussion boards, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well as their websites. This way, no one is limited.

We Solved Two Existing Problems
1. The verification process of experts is now solved using verified third party applications.

2. Growing and expanding users and potential customers by implementing Experty with verified services.

Learn more about the services and Experty features:

DECOIN is proud to announce that they have reached the fundraising target in Soft Cap and completed their pre-ICO stage


DECOIN is proud to announce that they have reached the fundraising target in Soft Cap and completed their pre-ICO stage. DECOIN has passed the Soft Cap ICO more than a month ago, and has continued to increase additional capital successfully since then. On schedule and hopes to exchange directly at the end of 2018 Quarter, in accordance with the Road Map. As we see, there is ongoing interest from private and institutional investors, DECOIN has decided to extend the ICO end date until the end of Q4 2018.

At this point in time, DECOIN will spend most of their time on the following projects:
The latest development of DECOIN Exchange and commercial product completion, Progress with DECOIN regulatory RMO licenses in Singapore as well as licenses required in the European Union and deepening DECOIN's relationship with payment processing companies, strengthen partnership agreements with DECOIN Crypto Index company.

Although the world of cryptocurrency is a good investment choice, the tech-savvy generation of today still needs an alternative for the currency. However, for any crypto investor, they should know that the volatility of these digital currencies often precedes the profits that one can make within the market. Consequently, many such critics would write off the technology as a colossal failure.

However, blockchain technology is proving people wrong with the new tactics in use to reduce the often frequent losses that come with using the currencies. As we get to see, the rise of profit sharing within crypto token holders enables for more investors into holding the digital currency. If this arouses your internet, then the following blockchain exchange platform will be beneficial in more advanced profit sharing exchange.

DECOIN is a decentralized coin and trading platform exchange that will offer profits to coin holders. This is an open-source peer-to-peer digital ecosystem that will have its own digital currency, the DECOIN (DTEP) token. The platform will work as an exchange to combine proof of stake, blockchain protocol, transparency, top level security and 24/7 live support for its users. As we’ve seen with other projects, DECOIN is aiming to develop a user-friendly exchange for multicurrency operations with low transaction fees.

The fees will vary from 0.15% to 0.25% depending on the operation, and the exchange will firstly operate with a few coins, such as DECOIN (DTEP), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BTH), Bash (BASH), Litecoin (LTC), NEO (NEO), Cardano (ADA) and Stellar (XLM). The main difference from many other projects we’ve reviewed in the past is the possibility of offering credit cards to its users. Additionally, the exchange will offer to all stakeholders at least a 6.2% annual return to all stakeholders.

Token economics, the token supply is 140 million, 70 million will be distributed and the other half will be allocated and used to guarantee the 6.2% annual return promised to DECOIN holders. As for the allocation of the tokens, 60% will go to DECOIN holders, 18% for founders, 16% as a reserve and the rest among bounty program, team and advisors. 23% of the proceeds will go to licensing and legal fees, 20% to sales and compliance team, another 20% for marketing and PR and the rest among liquidity, research, development and operational costs. The price per DTEP token is 90 US cents. The platform used is Algo and they will accept ETH, BTW and fiat. The soft cap is $4 million and the hard cap is $30 million.


DECOIN is a Decentralized coin and Trading Platform Exchange which redistributes its profits to coin holders.

DECOIN is a fully secure technology system for cryptocurrency users, enabling users to fully exploit their coin potential, by aligning with the Decentralized nature of the blockchain itself. DECOIN aims to build world-renowned, worldwide Online Customer Service to facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

DECOIN is a blockchain-based "Profit Sharing Exchange" Coin. DECOIN is building a world-renowned, quick-action, easy and simple Multicurrency Exchange and Trading Platform, which shares its exchange profits with all of its coin-holders. In addition, DECOIN`s top-notch security promises its users an easy, relaxing and reliable trading experience to assure completed transactions.

Thanks to the POS consensus algorithm, all coin holders that will stake/mint DECOIN`s in their online wallet (full node) will be eligible for a 6.2% interest rate per annum, relative to the number of DECOINs they own.

Our vision and mission is to be the world's leading cryptocurrency Exchange and Trading Platform.

You will be our partner in the profits. DECOIN stands for "The coin of the people" with the intention of sharing the liquidity pool and profits of the exchange with our contributors. Our mission is to have a state of the art Exchange Platform for cryptocurrency users, enabling them to fully exploit their coin potential by aligning with the decentralized nature of the blockchain itself.


➀. Accessibility
➁. Trading profit and Revenue-Sharing Exchange
➂. Full Support
➃. Investment With Unprecedented Returns
➄. Monetization and Liquefaction
➅. Access to D-TEP Crypto Index (DCI)


DECOIN is a blockchain-based "Revenue-Sharing Exchange" Coin. DECOIN is building a world-renowned, quick-action, easy and simple Multicurrency Exchange and Trading Platform, which shares its exchange revenues with all of its coin-holders. In addition, DECOIN`s top-notch security promises its users an easy, relaxing and reliable trading experience to assure completed transactions.

Thanks to the POS consensus algorithm, all coin holders that will stake/mint DECOIN`s in their online wallet (full node) will be eligible for a 6.2% interest rate per annum, relative to the number of DECOIN`s they own. *In the future, DECOIN will enable lower fees and discounts for DECOIN holders.


Our vision and mission are to be the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform.

You will be our partner in revenues. DECOIN stands for “The coin of the people” with the intention of sharing the liquidity pool and revenues of the exchange with our contributors.

Our mission is to have a state of the art Exchange platform for cryptocurrency users in order for them to exploit their full potential aligning with the decentralized nature of the blockchain itself.


Most people around the world don’t understand the cryptocurrency-field and its potential. As such, DECOIN is planning to expand and open multilingual Online Customer Service worldwide, to better serve our traders and coin holders by tutoring each and every partner and investor about trading and investing in cryptocurrencies.


To make the trading experience as seamless, enjoyable and profitable as possible for our partners and users, DECOIN/D-TEP is launching its first crypto index (DCI). DECOIN`s team of expert analysts are scouring the crypto market to learn optimal performance practices – and locate attractive and financially promising investment opportunities. We will select 5-8 promising crypto companies that we believe have the parameters we are looking for in the DCI. As we move forward, additional indices will be created, in different sectors, to meet our users’ growing needs.

Companies buying into the index by swapping their own coins for DECOIN will become mutually interested and invested in the index – and D-TEP’s success. Companies trading their coins through D-TEP will directly influence the increase in value of the DECOIN, creating profits for all DECOIN members – a win-win for all!


DECOIN began as the “DE COIN of DE People”, aiming to build a platform that will be able to provide its partners and users with a frictionless, fast, secured and inexpensive trading experience. On top of this, we want to make this experience as fun, and most importantly – as peaceful as possible.

There is no doubt that an exchange sharing its own revenue with its contributors will lead the world to new heights! Rest assured, we will rise to these heights as well.

DECOIN is connected in a strong link of multi-lingual Online Customer Service worldwide, helping investors understand how to trade correctly in Cryptocurrencies, CFD’s, Forex and Commodities. In these centers, we connect you with our analysts who provide strong indicators for you. If you admire social trading, you can follow the trading activities of our TOP traders.

Our platform is completely regulated, fully secure and transparent.


A major challenge all digital coin holders and traders face regularly is how to apply their crypto currency and use it for everyday expenses and spending. Unlike FIAT, cryptocurrency today still has many obstacles to overcome in order to be included in regular daily use.

DECOIN is the first company to develop sophisticated wallets that allow you to spend your digital currency whenever you want and where ever you are.

DECOIN provides five (5) types of credit cards with different benefits – depending your DECOIN investment amount.



PRICE 1 DTEP 0.6/0.9 USD
SOFT CAP 4.000.000 USD
HARD CAP 30.000.000 USD
SUPPLY ICO 70.000.000
SUPPLY TOKEN 140.000.000
WhitePaper VIEW DECOIN WhitePaper
Terms & Conditions VIEW DECOIN Terms & Conditions

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1. Q4 – 2017 Development of DECOIN with a POS consensus algorithm of 6.2% interest rate P.A; Setting-up 10 global offices to serve as multi-lingual support and marketing that will promote and support DECOIN holders and new DECOIN adopters.

2. Q1 – 2018 Private Sale; Initial Coin Offering (ICO) commencing the marketing and promotions for early-bird investors.

3. Q2 – 2018 Exchange Platform Beta Test (D-TEP); Pre-ICO stage and ICO Stage; Adding DECOIN on several exchanges; Wallet Launch + Commencing distribution of DECOIN`s.

4. Q3 – 2018 Exchange platform launch (D-TEP); Trading platform launch (D-TEP).

5. Q4 – 2018 Decentralized Exchange platform launch.




How to Sell DECOIN`s?
Right after the launch in AUGUST, You will be able to withdraw the DECOINs that you own from your DECOIN account dashboard to your DECOIN wallet, After you send DECOIN`s from your wallet to your Exchange account, you can make an order to sell them for cash or trade for other cryptocurrencies that are available on the exchanges.

How Can I buy OR get DECOIN`s?
Our website – – After you open your DECOIN account; you can make an order to buy DECOINs on the dashboard.

Right after the launch in AUGUST you can withdraw your DECOIN`s to your DECOIN wallet and get DECOIN`s on the major exchanges.

Online Exchanges – Several exchanges will list DECOIN on their platform, on which you will be able to exchange different other altcoins to DECOIN and vice versa.

Peer 2 Peer – If you want anonymity or don’t want to deal with banks, simply acquire DECOIN via a face-to-face transaction with a local seller.

Refer friends to invest with us and receive 10% referral bonus from the amount of DECOIN`s that your referred prospect will get. Appreciation for your efforts!

is DECOIN Anonymous?
DECOIN`s transactions are not tied to any personal information which allows users to protect their privacy.

While all DECOIN`s transactions are public knowledge and permanently on the Blockchain, other users can only see the activity associated to a particular wallet address.

It is highly recommended to use each DECOIN`s address just once to avoid your identity being revealed either through a specific purchase or through other means.

What is BitCoin?
Bitcoin is a digital currency used for fast, secure and low cost payments without the need for a central issuer or processor.

Bitcoins are stored and sent electronically from private wallets. Introduced in 2009, bitcoins have increased greatly in value due to their limited supply and growing popularity.

What is DECOIN`s?
DECOIN`s is part of a growing category of digital money called cryptocurrency that is based in Blockchain technology.

This digital currency, created and stored electronically, was made by people and businesses through software that solves mathematical problems.

DECOIN`s uses a decentralized network – this means that its network is not controlled by any one institution with a focus on private and censorship-resistant transactions.

To put it simply – no single entity that can prevent the transaction from being included in a block.

This makes a lot of people feel secure because it means that a large bank or institution will not be able to control or have access to their digital currency. DECOIN`s is based in Europe, in several offices including London, UK.

How DECOIN Works?
DECOIN`s transactions occur between electronic DECOIN wallets, and are digitally verified and signed for security.

With the Blockchain being used as a massive public ledger, users are aware of all transactions, and its history.

All DECOIN`s details can be tracked down.

Wich Exchanges will List DECOIN`s and When?
DECOIN`s will be listed for trading on multiple exchanges.

The official name of the coin is “DECOIN`s” and it will be listed under the ticker symbol “DTEP” which is currently not trading on any EXCH.

DECOIN`s will hit the market In August 2018. The exchanges names are scheduled to be announced soon.

Why do I Have to Provide my Personal Information to Trade Cryptocurrencis
DECOIN takes every measure to prevent fraud and be fully compliant with KYC and AML regulations for trading of digital assets.

How Much will DECOIN`s charge me for Trading Transaction?
Trading fee can be with a significant discount towards DECOIN`s holders.

What Currencies can I use for Purchases and Withdrawals?
You can purchase and withdraw via EUR, USD, GBP, Bitcoin, Ethereum.

What is the Difference betwen "Circulating Supply" and "Max Supply"?
Circulating Supply is the best approximation of the number of coins that are circulating in the market and in the public’s hands. Total Supply is the total amount of coins in existence right now (minus any coins that have been verifiably burned).

Max Supply the best approximation of the maximum amount of coins that will ever exist in the lifetime of the cryptocurrency.

Yes it is. Owning cryptocurrencies is legal in most countries. If you are not from USA, then you will not need to worry about any legal issues from owning the DTEP, as the rest of the world has accepted them and started to work with the virtual currency and not against it.

DECOIN Decentralized ICO Summary

Overall, DECOIN`s ICO may offer many benefits to many individuals. Those who purchase this ICO may receive the right of profits and the right to receive dividends from DECOIN`s operating income. To learn more about ICO and project details, visit the DECOIN`s website today.

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Achmad Surya Afandy

Advisor at Era Swap Token, Advisor at, Advisor at GSC, Expert at Experty.IO, Consultant at The Himalayan ROI, Marketing Manager at BestRate.ORG, Marketing Manager at pclab.IO